About Us

What is The Global Success Centers?

The Global Success Centers (GSC) was founded in 2011 by an alliance of four Atlanta companies in an effort to ease the entry of foreign small- to medium-sized firms into the United States. Although at first glance the centers’ objectives appear similar to those of a business incubator, founder Dawn Ely calls it a “nesting site,” and not an incubator, because incubators are primarily associated with start-ups and offer fewer services than their centers.

The Global Success Centers is geared toward helping more established companies succeed in entering the North American market by localizing their business as quickly as possible. A GSC supports their entry to the extent that it can even provide an experienced management team to help with the expansion. The goal of each center is to provide foreign companies with strategic, business development, legal, marketing and financial advice in a fully equipped office space.

Ms. Ely is an Atlanta attorney who founded in 2007 Palladium Client Legal Officers, which offers ongoing part-time and interim legal executives to help companies save on the costs of hiring full-time employees.