Our Professional Team

Palladium Chief Legal Officers

Palladium CLOs offer part-time, in-house chief legal officers (CLOs), which offer valuable business advantages. Once available only to large companies, today every business can have an in-house legal executive – without the high costs of a permanent employee or the unpredictability of “as needed” hourly fees. Palladium CLOs help companies establish a solid foundation, make better business decisions and minimize risk – at a fraction of the cost required to hire full-time General Counsel. More than just attorneys, our highly-experienced CLOs are business leaders who act proactively and decisively on business and legal challenges to identify opportunities and liabilities not readily seen by other managers, provide insight into business and legal paths to enhance operations, create intellectual property asset opportunities and strong protection of asset value, identify the components and goals for strategic alliance relationships to create favorable contracts, protect and advance business interests and strategic relationships. Palladium CLOs work directly with executives on the management team to add a legal/business expertise perspective. They also answer questions and structure business activities that better accomplish goals while minimizing legal and business problems. Since they work in-house, where the critical decisions are made every day, they provide the same accessibility, accountability and convenience you’d expect from a permanent employee.


TechCXO – Finance

Our Finance Practice partners counsel and guide companies from concept and start-up companies to early and mid-stage companies up to mature, $100 million+ firms. We provide experienced CFOs and senior finance professionals to deliver project and part-time financial and strategic services to companies. Our Finance Practice partners act as your guides through your most critical decisions and functions. Every one of our Finance Practice partners have successfully led companies as their CFO or most senior finance officer.

We answer these critical questions:

  • How do we increase our credibility with our Board, prospects, partners and suppliers so we look like a sophisticated, sound and integrated company?
  • What do we do to attract equity investors?
  • How can we manage cash better?
  • What accounting systems should we use?
  • How do we upgrade from general bookkeeping to build a real finance and accounting department?
  • What is the value of our company?
  • How can we better manage our auditors and audit committee?
  • How do can we optimize profits and improve working capital?
We solve issues in the following areas and more:

  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • Equity
  • Financial Management & Executive Leadership
  • Accounting System Selection & Implementation
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plans
  • Financial Models
  • Internal Controls / Policies & Procedures
  • Accounting and Control Procedures

TechCXO – Marketing & Strategy

The Marketing Practice provides experienced Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and senior marketing professionals for retained and project-oriented engagements. Partners have at least two decades experience in the trenches – starting, leading and growing marketing departments in emerging and large technology companies. In addition, several of our partners have significant agency experience and are thus well-suited to managing outside relationships. Flexible and agile, CMO partners can tailor an engagement to your specific needs.

Typical ways clients engage us include:

  • Retained Interim CMO
  • Marketing Strategist and Operations Director
  • Coaching/Advising the Vice President of Marketing
  • Turnaround Marketing Executive
  • Assessment and recruitment of marketing talent
  • Due Diligence of potential investments
  • Post Due Diligence
Problems we solve include:

  • How should we go-to-market?
  • How well is our “positioning” and messaging defined?
  • Is the solution addressing a key business challenge?
  • How do we know if our team is building/launching products from the inside out?
  • Can our team agree on the target audience, buyer personas, and value proposition?
  • Is the product roadmap well thought out, just ideas on paper or in someone’s head?

Regus – Executive Office Space & Services

Regus provides a more flexible and cost effective way to have an office. From opening your first office to opening another branch office in a new market we have a range of executive suite solutions designed to enable more flexibility in your workplace, truly match how you want to work and save you money. Zero upfront costs and terms to suit you with no long-term lease, no full-time admin staffing costs and no need to buy expensive equipment – just ready-to-use offices when and where you need them. You can adjust your space as your requirements change. It’s great for small and medium sized businesses that want to cut costs and yet remain flexible in an ever changing business climate and branch offices, team rooms or space for a special project making the most of our highly flexible terms plus you can set up virtually overnight. Regus offices are more than just an office. Regus provides everything your business needs including furnishings and office equipment, all backed up by professional support services and infrastructure. Everything is taken care of such as:

  • » cutting-edge IT and telecoms technology, including AV equipment, high-speed internet access, photocopiers and printers;
  • » all reception and admin services including call and mail handling;
  • » customized signage and internal office branding;
  • » meeting rooms, breakout areas, lounges, cafés and kitchens;
  • » grade A working environment with rent, rates, service charges, insurance and utilities included;
  • » complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold membership giving you unlimited access to our network of 1200 business lounges and cafés across the globe. Great for when you’re away from the office.