There is no other service or environment like the Global Success Centers. A key differentiator is the in-house business and industry experts that make up a large portion of a company's management team. International companies come to the U.S. with just a small number of personnel to get the business going. In most cases, this is a far fewer number of personnel dedicated to starting up the U.S. operation than what was involved in setting up the business in the home country. Starting up a division in the U.S., even though successful in the home country, is just like starting up a new business. It is very difficult to start up any kind of operation with just 1, 2 or 3 people, especially with those who have little to no knowledge of the local marketplace. The experienced Global Success Center in-house personnel and business services available to round out the company's management team is invaluable not only as additional business minds to help with the company's success, but the expertise of these GSC personnel is invaluable to a company in jump-starting its success.