Financial Services

In-house Chief Financial Officer Services

The financial operations of small to mid-sized businesses can be complex and a distraction for entrepreneurs. Your Global Success Center in-house Chief Financial Officer (CFO) partners and professionals bring the knowledge and expertise that help business principals concentrate on other crucial areas, avoid costly mistakes, establish credibility with stakeholders and create a foundation for growth.

Financial Supervision

Supervising the daily accounting and financial operations of a growing business can be difficult while trying to grow the business operations and revenues at the same time. The in-house Global Success Center CFO provides varying levels of accounting and financial personnel to either perform these routine functions, or oversee existing staff to ensure appropriate financial posting and reporting.

Operational Financial Reporting

Timely access to accurate, relevant financial data from your daily operations is essential to management’s and the board’s ability to run and oversee the business. Developing the right financial business reporting processes, data and systems to support the growth and intelligence of an organization, aligned with industry and GAAP reporting standards requires skill and experience. Your in-house Global Success Center CFO professionals bring extensive experience in the areas of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting as well as a wealth of business industry-specific financial expertise.
Budgeting. Developing a detailed budget to support management’s plan for growth and measurement is key to establishing credibility with the board and investors. The Global Success Center in-house CFO team members work with management to help build accountability with the team in setting a plan of record for managing the business aligned with its goals.

Treasury and Cash Management

Establishing banking relationships, designing cash management processes and working with stakeholders to construct and execute on conservative funds maximization guidelines allows a company to achieve the highest level of capital utilization.

Accounting Procedures and Internal Controls

As business grows in complexity the accounting processes need to adapt and automate while providing the right control environment to ensure that business can avoid costly setbacks from procedural problems and weaknesses. The Global Success Center in-house CFO assist in implementing accounting procedures and internal controls best practices to support corporate governance.

Accounting Systems

As a business grows in size and complexity it will inevitably outgrow its accounting system. The in-house Global Success Center CFO personnel have experience with a variety of financial and enterprise resource planning solutions and can assist management in the selection and conversion to the optimal solution.

FAS 123R

The Global Success Center in-house CFO has combined its many years of experience applying the rules of FAS 123R with an industry-leading SAS-70 certified software provider to offer a comprehensive package of services for the analysis and reporting of stock-based compensation. The services include Black-Scholes or binomial lattice models, determination of volatility, expected-life and other variables, and full tranche-based valuations. A complete package of reports is provided, supporting accounting entries as well as audit requirements.

Business Model Design

The operational viability and financial success of businesses can be significantly accelerated by the development and implementation of the right business model design. As the Global Success Center’s in-house personnel work with your business to determine the appropriate go-to-market strategy including the right price for your solutions, financial licensing fees and additional revenue streams, and capturing that strategy’s relevant costs are crucial in developing the right business model. Understanding the effect that business model changes will have on your company’s financials is a critical component of optimizing your chances for success. Global Success Centers team members have experience with many different business models in different industries, and can provide valuable insight into the benefits or pitfalls of the various choices and help you to establish the proper financial terms for these choices.

Financial Forecasting and Modeling

Financial forecasting and modeling is a cornerstone skillset for the Global Success Centers CFOs. With more than 300 years of CFO experience including more than 50 years in public firms and hundreds of successful venture capital financing rounds, Global Success Centers CFOs bring deep experience in developing sophisticated financial models and forecasting best practices.