Legal Services

In-House CLO Services

Generally, the role of the in-house counsel, or Chief Legal Officer (“CLO”), is to assist the company in its day-to-day activities (where the company management usually does not see legal issues). The expertise of CLOs is considered to be a “mile wide and an inch deep” with broad industry expertise (healthcare, telecom, software industries, etc.). The following activities are involved in this role:

  • » Translating legal issues into business and vice versa so that management understands the impact of legal issued on their business
  • » Understanding the day-to-day operations and function of the business, help the business identify the “least restrictive” business means to operate and accommodate legal concerns with the least risk to the business. This involves risk analyses with the business on a day-to-day basis.
  • » Ensuring consistency in operations with contractual obligations and among business divisions.
  • » Day-to-day & operational transactional documents: standard sales agreements, alliance agreements, distributor agreements, leases, purchase agreements, etc.
  • » Ensure protection of intellectual property in their daily operations with business dealings and contractual terms.

Get a new perspective on handling business issues.

Starting or growing a business is difficult. It takes the right in-house business and legal experience to build success quickly. Many CEOs have expertise in a particular area, but may not have knowledge about the possibilities that exist for quickly advancing the business. Too many companies have learned too late that well-intentioned business decisions have actually left them on rocky ground, or slowed their ability to grow, creating expensive business or legal issues that could have been prevented.

Industry experts deliver asset-building services

Your Global Success Centers CLO is a knowledgeable business and executive team partner with the industry expertise to collaborate on a broad range of business and legal issues. He or she performs all the typical legal services required of a business, but mainly helps your business meet objectives by adding value and assets more effectively and faster.

Your CLO works with your internal team and other outsourced services to:

  • » get products approved for market faster with better claims
  • » find a win-win solution to third-party infringement without spending millions on a lawsuit
  • » identify and develop third-party alliances to keep the business going despite a lack of equity or debt financing
  • » protect intellectual property in any business model
  • » find additional revenue sources from intellectual property
  • » identify and create additional assets that increase your company’s value

Global Success Centers CLOs have the right business and industry experience to help companies gain the business intelligence and risk management needed to meet critical objectives with more ease and less risk.

Unique Support for Greater Competitive Advantage

  • 1. Convenient Accessibility
    Internal legal counsel is available when executives need help most – and more importantly, when they don’t realize they need it. With a CLO as part of the management team and engaged in operational meetings and discussions, executives get immediate advice for pressing issues, and for those they may not realize they have or that may develop. Often, it is casual conversations held in the office that help to inform and resolve issues before they are even perceived as problems.
  • 2. Targeted Expertise
    An experienced CLO will know the details of your industry and competition, understand the relevant business issues, and quickly learn the daily operations of your company. This hands-on knowledge allows for a more effective and timely identification of potential legal issues, and provides solutions that accomplish business objectives in the least business-restrictive manner.
  • 3. Greater Efficiency
    With in-depth knowledge of your business, in-house CLOs work most efficiently and effectively and provide more detailed and relevant advice on any issue, whether management believes it to be just a business issue, or otherwise. Most re-works or misunderstandings around legal issues are avoided, thereby saving time and money and resulting is accomplishing objectives better and faster.
  • 4. Trusted Partnership
    In-house CLOs are also trusted business partners to the organizations they work with. As such, they not only provide sound business and legal assistance; CLOs act as a liaison with retained law firms when outside projects are required. As the lead for managing activities and fees, your CLO ensures your company is getting better value and productivity from the outside firm.
  • 5. Flexible Time and Budgeted Fees
    While every company benefits from utilizing a legal executive, not all need or have the resources for a full-time employee. He or she performs all the typical legal services required to keep the business headed in the right direction, but also helps your business meet objectives better and faster, at your desired risk tolerance. Your dedicated Global Success Centers CLO provides in-house legal expertise at a fraction of the cost required to hire full-time General Counsel – with terms that are perfect for your business.