Marketing & Strategy

Chief Marketing Officer & Strategy Services

80% of globally expanding businesses are either small or mid-sized, and 87% of them tragically FAIL.  Why?  Lack understanding of the differences between their home market and U.S. market, as well as inadequate preparation and strategic planning. We start with leading a strategy session in which we and other Global Success Centers team members perform an assessment of the following items based on your business and objectives:

  • • Customer Analysis
  • • Market Analysis
  • • Competitive Analysis
  • • Distribution/Channel Options & Analysis
  • • Outside agency expertise if necessary

The results of this strategic session will then be used to establish the 3-year strategic plan and 1-year implementation planning that will include the following:

  • • Messaging/Positioning
  • • Marketing Plan
  • • Launch/Re-Launch Plan
  • • Brand Plan

The execution of these 3-year strategic and 1-year implementation plans will include implementing various items such as the following:

  • • Digital & Web plans
  • • Advertising plans
  • • Marketing & Sales materials
  • • Thought leadership white papers, blogs and other means
  • • Press releases
  • • Media relations
  • • Email marketing
  • • Social media
  • • Events & Webinars

The Global Success Centers Difference

What makes us different than other marketing “forces” is the elbow-grease we apply in all marketing disciplines. Unlike some consulting firms that back up the bus to drop off green MBAs, we actually perform the work. Yes, partners. Former CMOs. Leaders with experience. We do the work. You deal with us. Not endless hierarchies of junior associates learning on your dime.

The result: you accelerate faster and with more precision than you would otherwise.

Below is a basic overview of our services, from strategy through execution. Because each engagement is different, no doubt so will yours. Whatever the need, we offer a complete, transparent and professional solution with the winning formula.

Go-to-Market Strategy & Planning

Where are you going and why?

Every engagement begins with this simple question. Through a detailed and disciplined discovery process, we’re able to ask probing questions that uncover and unveil challenges and opportunities. From strategy discovery sessions, we’re able to discern, deduce and determine what we have and what’s missing.

Coming in from the outside, we’re able to apply objective filters free from internal pressures and get to the bottom of gnawing issues so we can present unvarnished recommendations on:

  • » Customer profiles
  • » Market dynamics
  • » Competitive pressures
  • » Distribution challenges
  • » Partner opportunities

Sometimes we achieve our objectives through one-on-one interviews with executives and relevant players; other times we facilitate strategy sessions to produce the nuggets that drive the strategy engine. Regardless of the tactics, the results are the same:

  • » Incisive analyses
  • » Creative thinking
  • » Defensible recommendations
  • » Prescient forecasts
  • » Solid strategies

Program Planning

Great strategy poorly planned can end up being great strategy badly executed.

That’s why our Marketing practice gets in the trenches with clients to tightly cinch the messaging, nail the brand and marketing plan, and prioritize the tactical initiatives against available budgets. Because our Marketing practice is medium agnostic, we bring to the table a fresh perspective on where to focus limited resources.

  • • Need more lead generation? Fuel up the inside sales program.
  • • Not getting residual awareness? Gear up the Public Relations strategy.
  • • Getting outmaneuvered at events? Throttle forward the guerilla marketing plans.
  • • Non-existent within relevant social networks? Perhaps it’s time to tweet, link, blog and go viral.
  • • Trying to raise funds? Let’s burnish the image and tighten the model.

Everything has a purpose. Nothing is arbitrary. Every plan is cohesive. As a result, our CMO partners eliminates the endless cycles of “random acts of content” that permeate many marketing programs. Our driving mantra is our RC4 formula : Right Customer, Right Context, Right Content, Right Conversation.

Team Organization & Marketing Mix

Strategy… Check. Planning… Check. What’s next?

We start by creating what’s needed to accelerate conversations forward. In the past when marketing was a one-way street, this was called “thought leadership.” But today, with social elements and two-way conversations among various constituencies, we now call it “conversation leadership.” And, frankly, participation is mandatory.

Sometimes, our Marketing Practice partners will do the creating and sometimes, depending on budget availability, we bring in specialists on your behalf. This often entails assembling teams of people inside and outside the company, including:

  • • Advertising agencies
  • • Artists and designers
  • • Storytellers and copywriters
  • • PR and media pros
  • • Digital creators and programmers
  • • Lead gen outfits
  • • SEO firms
  • • Mobile app creators
  • • Social media geniuses
  • • Event marketers

Over the decades, we’ve established deep relationships with some of the best and brightest marketing service companies on the planet. Partners to The Global Success Centers, these service companies are pre-qualified by us and ready to roll. We speak the same language.

The Global Success Centers Marketing & Strategy team members take the lead in directing the various marketing service companies (whether ours or yours) to accelerate achievement of specific goals.

Program Execution

The main rub against consultants is that they pontificate from on high but never get in the trenches and get their hands dirty. Deliverables to them are nice, shiny binders full of possible, but unexecuted plans.

For our Global Success Centers Marketing & Strategic team members, the main deliverable is results.

Because no plan is perfect, we’re constantly monitoring and measuring conversations and results to see what’s working and what needs tweaking. It’s a constant loop. That’s one of the greatest values of the Global Success Center’s team – constant availability, accessibility and visibility so that you don’t have to know what you don’t know. We’re there to see it for you.