Challenges & Solutions

The Challenges of International Companies Starting up in the U.S.

The failure rate for small and mid-sized foreign companies launching in the U.S. is higher than the domestic national average of 95%. International companies face additional challenges in starting a business in the U.S. above and beyond what the average domestic start-up company faces. There are significant disadvantages to these international companies in not being familiar with the marketplace, consumers, business practices, the legal and financial landscape, common strategic partners and alliances, and many other aspects of doing business that are either unknown or different from a company's home country experience. The Global Success Centers was created to even the playing field for the international companies coming into and trying to compete in the U.S. marketplace.

Why is the Global Success Center Solution Different?

There is no other service or environment like the Global Success Centers. A key differentiator is the in-house business and industry experts that make up a large portion of a company's management team. International companies come to the U.S. with just a small number of personnel to get the business going. In most cases, this is a far fewer number of personnel dedicated to starting up the U.S. operation than what was involved in setting up the business in the home country. Starting up a division in the U.S., even though successful in the home country, is just like starting up a new business. It is very difficult to start up any kind of operation with just 1, 2 or 3 people, especially with those who have little to no knowledge of the local marketplace. The experienced Global Success Center in-house personnel available to round out the company's management team is invaluable not only as additional business minds to help with the company's success, but the expertise of these GSC personnel is invaluable to a company in jump-starting its success.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

The costs of starting up an operation in any new environment can be very expensive. When a company is not that familiar with the local environment, it will be even more expensive. The costs of securing office space, furniture, phone systems, IT infrastructure, basic legal work for corporate structure & standard transactional documents for the U.S., basic financial books and records set up and pricing models, and basic market research, among other basics, can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars just over the first couple of months with several thousand dollars and more each month for the first year. These costs and services are just foundational in nature and will get the company little advancement in its business plan and successful implementation. Many additional tens of thousands of dollars will end up being spent on other professional service providers, many of which will not be necessary or will end up being duplicated when success is not forthcoming quickly. With the Global Success Centers, a company can get started on a knowledgeable and successful plan from day one without the trouble and cost of finding an office and all of the set-up work while knowing that you have knowledgeable experts involved in helping you with your implementation plan to catapult you over many of the hurdles of most international companies to quicker success. With the Global Success Centers, a company can accomplish most all of this for a flat rate each month that includes everything and can be budgeted.