How GSC Works

Here is how The Global Success Centers service works:

The staff at Regus will set you and your team up in a highly functional and nicely appointed private office with the appropriate networking and communication systems, mailing address, professional receptionist, and available meeting spaces.

Once settled, the Global Success Centers legal, marketing strategy, and finance staff will, over a series of scheduled meetings, formally and systematically learn what separates your company from your U.S. competitors – what gives you your unique advantage in the new marketplace, and what your business objectives are. During these meetings we will assist you in defining your company’s true strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors. In addition we will help you identify the real opportunities for your company’s growth, the best path to proceed down for penetrating the marketplace, and the threats that may stand in your way.

Armed with this information, we will then assist you and your leadership team in defining specific, measurable goals and objectives for your US market entrance and performance. This will be reflected in a three-year strategic plan. With this in place we will then, together, craft a specific tactical plan that will be used as the actionable script upon which you will pursue sales and make critical operational business decisions.

Armed with the new strategic plan, the in-house legal counsel and the in-house CFO will assist your efforts in creating your foundational legal & finance structure along with the initial and on-going documents and systems to quickly support your accelerated growth plan. The in-house Global Success Centers personnel become an integral part of your management team without having to hire them – all for the modest monthly flat fee that includes your office space leasing.

As you begin executing your tactical plan you will receive the benefit of regular interaction with your Global Success Centers in-house management team and regularly scheduled meetings with your Global Success Centers staff to review progress, daily operational concerns, and strategies as well as assess your progress in your implementation plan and determine if new developments in the marketplace dictate a course correction. We will liaise where appropriate with specialized service providers such as external accounting, tax, legal, marketing or other service provider as we all determine may be helpful. In addition, you will have several formal and informal opportunities to interact with other client companies of the Global Success Centers to network and collaborate.

As your year in the center comes to an end we will begin to prepare you for your independence. This could mean continuing on in the Regus office center or standing up new office space (the strategic plan will dictate this). Regardless, the Global Success Centers’ experienced business team will be there to ensure a smooth transition.